04 March, 2010

Back After a Long Break

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Hey everyone!

Can you believe it? It's already March. Time is just flying by so quickly. I don't think i can keep up with the pace of the new world. Well, I haven't been posting much lately for several reasons. I've had a very busy schedule...and I've been keeping away from the pc a bit...just enjoying nature..and giving much of my attention to the love of my life... The month of love is over but I feel sooo much in love right now that it just isn't funny. Well, it's a great feeling and I like it.

Well, I did promise some posts in particular and I am going to fulfill these promises. I did promise to highlight the works of blacks who made have made contributions to Literature in the past and I intend to just add this on to the writer's page once I get them done...I'll be sure to keep you updated. Also I promised that I would speak about calypso, which has become a well integrated part of Caribbean culture especially at carnival times. As for the love poetry, these will definitely be posted as we go along.

I've also found some poems that I had written a very long time ago. I will also post these and would love to get your feedback... God knows what must have been going through my adolescent mind when i had written those.

Well, that's it for now. I'm going to go browsing through some blogs to see whats new... It has been a while

Ciao! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. good to see u back..hope to read more posts from u this time :)

  2. Yes... I will try to be more committed to my blogging...Just soo much to do in soo little time