06 March, 2010

The Art Journey Continues

Photo Compliments: wikipedia.org

Artist: Edmund Dulac
(from the Little Mermaid)

Hey y'all

Time is flying by so quickly. So much to do in so little time. Well life's a hustle and that's just the way it is. Today I decided to continue on my search for art. As a child, I always loved the drawings in fairy tale books... Yes believe it or not I actually read fairy tale books as a child :D... and I've always been fascinated by their art. For that reason, I decided to search for some "fairy tale artists". Well in my search, I came across this great website: Art Passions Fairy Tales. It is filled with fairy tale art and also features many fairy tale artists. Be sure to check it out. I do hope that you like what you see.

Well I'm off now. Got some more work to get done. Happy weekend everyone :-D

Cheers! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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  1. Thanks for the tip. As a lover of fairy tales, myself, I'll definitely have to check that out!