21 December, 2009

Christmas Without Jesus

I've been searching for more and more Christmas poetry, mainly those poems which have focused on Jesus as the real reason for Christmas (I don't hate Santa Claus but we already get a lot of him from everywhere else). Anyway, I found this poem: Christmas Without Jesus, which I thought would be great to share.

Christmas Without Jesus

No mangers in the shopping mall
No star to light the night;
This is the Christmas season,
But Christ is not in sight.
We are told it is a holiday tree,
And we can't say Merry Christmas,
If we're not celebrating the birth of Christ,
Then will you tell me what this is?

The virgin in the stable,
Giving birth in Bethlehem;
The kings who traveled from the East,
To bow down and worship Him...
The star that led the shepherds,
The angel announcing His birth;
Finally a Saviour born,
For all sinners on this Earth.

God manifest in the flesh,
Celebrated since that day;
When Christ laid in the manger,
Humbly born, laid in the hay.
Are we not to all remember,
That Jesus is the reason;
We gather to worship and celebrate
This wondrous special season?

Where are the season's carols,
The songs of Mary's flight?
Oh Hark, the Herald Angels Sing,
Peace On Earth and Silent Night?
How can there be a Christmas..
If Christ has not a part:
Of the joy that dwells in our spirit
And the love that lives in our heart?

It is His life alive in me
That makes the season bright;
The knowledge that the Christ was born
Upon this Holy Night.
So keep your holiday greetings;
Well wishes and all the fuss....
For me there is no Christmas
Without my Lord Jesus.

This poet has many other great pieces. Visit her website - Sentimental SpentHeart. Hope you like it.



  1. u hav done a very gud job..in this festive mood of Christmas Jesus is somewhere missing from our thoughts...

    gr8 post!!

  2. Merry Christmas all! Thanks for providing this wonderful and inspirational Blog! Wishing you loads of JOY!!

  3. Thanks! I'm always happy to share. Merry Christmas everybody