07 December, 2009

Change and Christmas!

Christmas throughout Christendom
Compliments - wikimedia.org

Hi all! I was sitting and thinking about the month and the days ahead. I am one of those who love the Christmas season and just love the joyful atmosphere. Anyway, I was wondering whether I really needed to add some light to the Blog for the season and as you can see, my decision was yes. I decided to add a white background which reminds me of snow and purity. I also added a little Christmas tree at the top left for a decorative purposes. I wonder what gifts I would receive under this tree. I found a lil Santa game hehe. Kinda cool. Hope you all are enjoying the season. I am. Take care all! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. Change is always good! I like the new look! Your blog really inspires me. Take care artist!

  2. I like the simple new look of your blog. The Christmas tree is adorable.

  3. I saw the blog art it’s so the designs and arts are so cool. And you did a great job changing your blog.