24 November, 2009

Another Drop By

Wow! Another very tiring day. Well, its Tuesday and things seemed to have settled down a bit so maybe I'll have much more time to rest for the remainder of the week. Well, as planned I did start research lyric poetry, but I was not very successful in doing that.

I came across a website about literature actually. And I just had to explore it a bit. You can feel free to do also. Visit here.

Moving along, I've discovered that there is so much material out there to be read. Originally I did plan on researching Literature only. But, in so doing, I've introduced myself to so many interesting fields... natural sciences...numerological science...astrology...everything. In my opinion, each one of these is an art so carefully put together and will captivate anyone who has the slightest appreciation of them... Well, I guess everybody now knows why I'm always straying from Literature. Hopefully, I will catch myself early enough and get back right on track.

Well that's about it for now. I'm off to take a rest. Hopefully, I will looking into lyric poetry before the week's end.

Bye! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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