27 October, 2009

Meet my new friends

Hi all! Just been doing my general art search. Was kind of browsing through different Blogs and adding my usual comments. The weather has been kind of strange for the morning. We received a light dose of a thunderstorm with a lot of rain. Anyway I received a new blog follower of whom I found out had been inspired by this Blog. It is a Poetry and literature based blog and also involves the exciting and interesting search round the world. I am also interested in this so, of course I had to follow and I am proud to be the first follower of this blog. Yay me!! I know how important support in this is needed since I am a part of something similar. I do want to encourage my followers to follow along and give your support. Do visit the Poetry, Literature Blog. I also wanted to show you guys my two friends so I took some time like I promised, taking pics of my turtles.Two Red-Eared Sliders. The younger one is a little shy as you can see. Always quick to cuddle up into his little shell but the older one is a real pest. I have not thought of names for them yet tho. maybe you guys could help me out with that. Real fascinating pets tho. Hoping to do some portraits soon. You can click on the images for larger views of my little green friends. Anyway, I am off on my art search. See you guys soon! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. Thanks for the support and everything! really appreciate it. Your blog has really inspired me. Something i have always wanted to do. Really like your turtle pets. why not give the some art based names or names of past artists that you like. Just an Idea. Thanks much for the follow!! Really encouraging!

  2. I must find time to get back for more browsing of your blogs. I love the turtle photos.

  3. Aaah how cute!!! Thanks for showing your new friends!

  4. Call them Studio helpers, like we do. They are part of the team, don't you think? Love the graphic change on top, excellent! We updated our website so it reflects the same.

    Happy creating!


  5. Yea they are studio helpers. I love water dwellers since I personally love water. They are helpers in their own way!